Tactical Clothing

Tactical Winter Clothing

 What is tactical clothing really? For some, it will evoke images of the runway, as the tactical and techwear movement has become an enormous part of the fashion landscape since the 2010s. However, for most of us, it means clothes that are built for survival. Tactical clothing is designed to take a beating and stand up to anything that we may have in front of us. So, when you’re choosing your gear for the adventure ahead, it’s easy to see just how vital quality can be. You need to be able to trust that your tactical clothing is going to be able to hold its own against difficult terrains, the elements and whatever else you may use to put it to the test, and that’s where Northbound Gear shines.

With each piece of gear being designed specifically for use in the wild, Northbound Gear’s tactical clothing range is absolutely perfect for your next exploration experience. High-quality and extremely durable, whilst still maintaining incredible maneuverability, the designs that make up Northbound Gear’s tactical clothing range have been put to the test across a wide array of situations and conditions. Explore our range today.