Gift Ideas for Every Hiker (Under $100)

Gift Ideas for Every Hiker (Under $100)

"What's the perfect gift for a hiker?" we're sure you've asked yourself this question every time your hiker friend's birthday approaches.

Today's article aims at answering this question.

And the best part! All gifts discussed here cost $100 or less.

Let's get right into it:

Best Gift Ideas for Hikers

#1. Water-Resistant Adventure Pants (Men's and Women's)

Any hiker, whether experienced or novice, will appreciate a good and functional pair of pants.

This is where water-resistant adventure pants come in. Your hiker friend will appreciate this gift since it will keep them dry when hiking in a wet region while also keeping them warm and comfortable.

The Northbound Gear Adventure Water Resistant Pants are an example of such pants. These pants are completely water-resistant, breathable, come with 4-way stretch for maximum flexibility, and are tear-resistant.

adventure hiking pants

These pants are also available for women, making this the perfect gift for any hiker. 

#2. Weatherproof Jacket

Does your hiker friend love mountaineering or hiking during the cold?

The perfect gift for such a person would be a weatherproof jacket. With a weatherproof jacket, your friend won't have to worry about freezing while out on the trail.

The Northbound Gear Weatherproof Tactical Jacket is perfect for any outdoorsy person. Thanks to the Polyester outer shell material, this jacket is both wind and water resistant, making it the ideal jacket for any outdoor adventure.

#3. Wool Base Layer

In our article on what to wear for cold weather hiking, we explained why wool makes a great base layer.

Your friend probably knows this too.

This is why they are likely to appreciate a wool base layer as a present. Not only are they soft, but wool base layers are also breathable and come with moisture-wicking capabilities, which will keep your friend dry.

And if you're looking for a more luxury hiking gift, get them a base layer made of Merino wool.

#4. Hiking Thermos

Want a friend to remember you every time they hike in the winter or fall?

Get them a thermos.

With a thermos, your friend will get to enjoy hot beverages while hiking in the cold. And any hiker will tell you that there's no better feeling than enjoying a hot drink after a long day hike.

But don't just get any thermos.

Get one with the ability to keep liquids hot or cold for 12 hours or more.

#5. Water-Resistant Summer Pants

With summer fast approaching, this would be the perfect gift for any hiking enthusiast.

Not only are summer pants great for keeping your hiking friend cool and dry, but they are also comfortable and are built to protect your friend from harmful UV rays.

An example of such pants is the Northbound Gear Water-Resistant Summer Pants. Built using a patented fabric, these pants are water-resistant, protect you from the sun, and come with a Coolmax interior to keep your friend dry and cool as they hike in the hot summer weather.

summer hiking pants

#6. Neck Buff

While it may seem like a crappy gift, a neck buff may be one of the most thoughtful gifts to give to your friends looking to hike in the summer.

When hiking in the sun, it's essential to protect your neck and face from heat, dust, and insects. Your friend may have been using a ski or winter mask to do this.

However, ski and winter masks aren't designed for hotter temperatures.

On the other hand, neck buffs are designed for hotter environments, making them an excellent gift for anyone looking to hike in the summer.

#7. Convertible Water-Resistant Pants

In our article on multifunctional products, we mentioned convertible pants.

With convertible pants, you give your friend the convenience of both pants and shorts, making this the perfect gift for both the winter and summer season.

If you'd like to get your hiking friend such pants, check out the Northbound Gear 2-in-1 Zip-Off Water-Resistant Cargo Pants. These pants are easy to convert, are breathable, come with extra pockets, and are tear-resistant.

convertible hiking pants

Your friend will surely appreciate such a gift.

#8. Waterproof Breathable Socks

While most people consider socks crappy presents, getting your hiking buddy a pair of waterproof breathable socks is undoubtedly bound to make them smile.

If you were to ask any hiker, having several comfortable dry socks is essential for the comfort of any trip.

waterproof socks

And what better brand than the Northbound Gear Waterproof Breathable Socks. Designed with three-layer construction, these socks will provide your hiker friend with extreme waterproofing, ensuring their feet are always warm and dry.

And it's not just that!

Thanks to the antibacterial yarn, these socks protect your feet from odor.

#9. Camping Knife

A knife is one of the essential must-have items for any hiking or backpacking trip.

This is why this is such a great gift for any hiking enthusiast.

A hiking knife is one of the most reliable tools. Your friend will have something to protect themselves, something to help them open bags, cut food, cords, and bandages.

But don't just get any knife!

Look for a knife that's rugged, portable, and has a strong blade capable of handling serious cutting tasks.

#10. Backpack Upgrade

One of the most common mistakes that beginner backpackers make is buying the wrong backpack. This is why this is the perfect gift for any friend thinking about taking a backpacking trip.

The perfect bag for your friend should be:

  • Durable and tear-proof,
  • Has enough space to accommodate all their gear,
  • Waterproof, and
  • Has back support to help prevent injury.

Expandable Backpack

This is where our "Voyager" Expandable Backpack with an in-built raincoat and Cargo 50L Water Resistant backpack come in. Designed with variable sizes and plenty of pockets to accommodate all your friend's hiking gear, these bags are tough yet adaptable, making it the perfect gift for all your friends who love adventure.

#11. Gloves

One essential gear for anyone looking to hike during the cold season is gloves.

Gloves help protect hands from cold, making them the perfect gift for anyone looking to hike during the winter or fall.

If you're considering giving gloves as a present to your friend, go for the "Defender" 3-in-1 Glove System with Touchscreen.

These state-of-the-art gloves are perfect for both mild and extreme cold conditions. Thanks to the 3-in-1 glove system, these gloves can be adapted for different weather conditions.

And to add the icing to the cake.

These gloves also come with a touchscreen interior glove. Your friend will appreciate this feature since he or she won't have to take the gloves off to use their phone.

#12. Outdoor Smart Watch

Let's be honest.

Everyday watches won't make it through the hiking trail. This is why this is a perfect gift for any hiker.

Most outdoor watches are water and shock-resistant, making them perfect for hiking trails. And with the proliferation of smart devices, you can get your friend a smart outdoor watch.

With such a watch, they will have a compass, an activity tracker, and the ability to load hiking maps.

Talk about a multifunctional gift.

#13. Quick Release Belt

Just like socks, belts are considered by some as crappy gifts. However, for any hiking enthusiast, a high-quality belt that doesn't wear, tear, or fade is a great gift.

Such a belt should be heavy-duty and should be easy to buckle and unbuckle.

This is where the "Commander" Quick Release Belt by Northbound Gear comes in. Made of high-strength nylon fiber, this belt is great for any outdoor activity and any type of pants.

Your friend won't have to change belts for different occasions.

#14. Solar-Powered Multi-Charger

Is your friend considering camping for several days in a place with no electricity?

Gifting them a solar-powered multi-charger could be a great idea. With a solar-powered multi-charger, your friends' electronics will never run out of power.

But don't just get any charger.

Get one that can charge multiple devices at once and can operate in different weather conditions.

#15. Universal Travel Adapter

If your friend plans to backpack in a different country, getting them a universal travel adapter is a great idea.

With a universal travel adapter, your friend will never complain about not finding a compatible plug to charge their different devices.

When getting your friend a universal travel adapter as a gift, look for one that's compact, lightweight, and can work in multiple countries.

#16. Hiking Books and Magazines

Don't feel like buying gear? Why not get your friend a hiking book or hiking magazines?

Hiking books and magazines are full of inspirational stories of how people conquered the different trials and tribulations in their lives through hiking. There are also books that detail the joy of backpacking in different areas.

Some examples of books you can get your friend include

  • Bill Bryson's, A walk in the Woods,
  • Jon Krauker's Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster
  • Cheryl Strayed's Wild.
  • Andrew Skurka’s The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide: Tools and Techniques to Hit the Trail

#17. National Park Pass

If your friend loves to explore, this is the perfect gift for him or her.

A national park pass will give your friend free access to over 2000 federal hiking destinations. So, every time they go to a new destination, they won't have to worry about entrance fees.

Talk about the perfect gift.

#18. National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map

One of the most important tips for beginner backpackers is to plan their trip before heading out.

You can help your friend achieve this by getting them national geographic trail illustrated maps.

These recreation-oriented maps are highly accurate and cover multiple trails and points of interest, making them the perfect option for a printed map.

And that's not all!

These maps are printed on waterproof and tear-resistant material; therefore, great for any weather conditions.

#19. Stand to Pee Device

Does your female hiker friend often complain about not being comfortable about squatting against a tree to pee?

A stand-to-pee device could be the perfect gift.

These female-urination devices allow women and transgender men to pee while standing without lowering their pants.

With such a device, your friend won't have to sacrifice their dignity to answer nature's call.

#20. Outdoorsy Jewelry

If your friend loves jewelry, this could be the perfect gift for them.

Hiking-themed jewelry is lightweight, simple, elegant, and is an excellent way of reminding your friend about their love for the outdoors.

You can get them either a hiking-themed necklace or bracelet.

#21. Outdoor Skills Class

One of the mistakes many rookie backpackers make is not taking the time to learn outdoor skills.

Don't let your friend fall victim to this.

Gift them with a subscription to an outdoor skills class. With such a class, you'll be sure that your friend will be safe while backpacking in the wild.

Be the Friend Who Gives the Best Gifts

There you go.

A list of 21 gift ideas for your hiking friends. All under $100.

We hope this guide helped spark some ideas on what to get your friends or family members who love hiking.

And if you decide to get them hiking clothing, look no further than Northbound Gear. At Northbound Gear, we design high-quality water-resistant outdoor apparel that your friend will love. To learn more about our catalog, check out our online store here.

Onwards and Upwards with Northbound Gear.




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