Northbound Gear Supports Australian Bushfire Relief Fund

Northbound Gear Supports Australian Bushfire Relief Fund

The Australian bushfires made headline news across the globe. 

The fires burned through approximately 18.6 million hectares of land (that’s more land than 108 countries!)

At least 34 people were killed.

An estimated one billion animals were killed.

As a result, some endangered species are now on the brink of extinction.

Smoke travelled across the Pacific Ocean to parts of South America.

The effects of the bushfires were felt all over the globe.

In the face of this disaster,

We did what we do best.

We got together.

Individuals, corporations and governments from all across the globe came together to aid in this fight against mother nature.

And together, we were able to contain the fires.

In the end, the damage caused by the bushfires was catastrophic.

And the cause of the event is clear.

It is yet another sign of climate change.

If we don’t start doing something about climate change, these events will be the new norm.

Northbound Gear is committed to doing everything we can to help fight climate change.

While we donated 10% of sales to aid in the fight against Australian bushfires, we had the desire to do more.

We decided to partner with One Tree Planted and, thanks to their help, we are now able to plant one tree for every purchase made on our website.

We are also committed to designing high quality, eco-friendly products that minimize the damage to our planet.

Check out our products and help us plant more trees here.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We understand this planet is the only place we have to live.

It is our responsibility to leave it better than we found out,

For the next generation, and beyond.


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