From Policing to Mountaineering: The Northbound Gear Ambassador Tom Comeau's Journey

From Policing to Mountaineering: The Northbound Gear Ambassador Tom Comeau's Journey

Meet Tom Comeau, a police officer with the Toronto Police Service who also happens to be an avid outdoor enthusiast and Northbound Gear Ambassador. Tom is currently on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas, but he took some time to answer a few questions about his journey and how he balances work, family, and his love for the outdoors.

Tom's interest in policing began after practicing law in downtown Toronto. He realized that the practice of law wasn't for him, and he had been interested in policing for a long time. Since joining the Toronto Police Service in 2005, Tom has become aware of his surroundings at all times, trying to be prepared. This mindset also follows into outdoor pursuits, where having the best equipment possible is a must.

As an outdoor enthusiast, Tom believes in finding balance between work, family, and outdoor activities. Being able to just get outside for a walk can sometimes help with the stress of work, and Tom is working on introducing nature to his 8-year-old. His older two children are athletic and enjoy the outdoors as well.

"As an ambassador for Northbound Gear I am proud to be wearing the Adventure pants at altitude where it’s been very cold and as of late, snowing! These pants have performed well, keeping me dry and warm and the stretch is great as we trek to our first mountain, Lobuche. The pants are light and fold down to a small size making them easy to carry when I’m not wearing them".

Tom advises everyone interested in policing to keep an open mind as they grow and learn about the world around them. As police officers, they work to protect citizens in their communities, and though it can be challenging, it's also an incredibly rewarding profession. The same holds true for outdoor activities. Try different things and enjoy the outdoors, but make sure to have the right clothing and equipment.

In Tom's own words, "There is nothing worse than being wet and cold - especially when on expedition at high altitude like I am at the moment in the Himalayas." So, let's take Tom's advice and make sure to have the best equipment possible to fully enjoy the great outdoors!

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