Bravery In Arms: Guardians of the Memory

Bravery In Arms: Guardians of the Memory

The Bravery In Arms is a project, created by Roger Chabot. Its mission is to preserve and communicate the rich history of the Canadian Military through short documentary series. The series not only highlights the accomplishments and sacrifices of our veterans, but also serves as inspiration for commemorative paintings created by the founder of Bravery In Arms.

One of the main goals of Bravery In Arms is to be a "Guardian of the Memory" by ensuring that the contributions and sacrifices of our veterans are not forgotten. The documentary series offers a unique way to learn about and honor the past while also highlighting the work of veterans who continue to make a difference in their communities.

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The documentary series is made possible through the hard work of its creator, Roger Chabot, his amazing team and the support of the sponsors, including Northbound Gear. We are proud to support Bravery In Arms in their mission to preserve and communicate the history of the Canadian Military.

We invite you to check out the Bravery In Arms documentary series and to learn more about the organization and their mission. We are sure that you will find them as inspiring as we do.

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  • Chris Comeau

    I was with Roger Chabot. Your adventure pants are superb. I’ve used them in Nov /Dec 2021. I then wore them winter camping in northern Ontario in January 2022. Kept me very warm when partnered with merino wool underwear and the fit and mobility in their design is fantastic. Going winter camping with them again next week!

  • Roger Chabot

    Thank you Kate for this beautiful highlight of BIA. I am very Proud to be an Ambassador of NBG. Your jacket and adventure pants kept us warm and dry while filming. We spent 30 days on the road most of the time in bad weather conditions, during November and December 2021, from the mountains of Sicily to Northern Italy.

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